More than 700,000 people caught in middle of state health plan fight

(Photo: WSOC)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WSOC) — The North Carolina treasurer runs the state health plan and uses Blue Cross Blue Shield to administer it.

Blue Cross has been negotiating a new plan with hospital systems, like Atrium Health and Novant Health because the health plan could run out of money by 2023.

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The deadline is Monday and if Atrium and Novant don’t agree to the new plan, members will have to pay out-of-network for any of those facilities or doctors.

Deborah Johnson retired from teaching after 30 years and is still on the state health plan.

“We are all sitting on pins and needles thinking, ‘Do we have health insurance?'” Johnson said. “Who can handle that in a budget and handle it by January of 2020? That’s the scary part.”

Kathleen Zwally and her husband are teachers and are on the state health plan.

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