North Carolina ranks third in country for animal shelter kills


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — According to a new study, 55,900 animals were killed by shelters in North Carolina in 2018. That makes our state third in the country for most kills.

According to the study from the Best Friends Animal Society, about 22 percent of theĀ 246,000 animals taken in by shelters were euthanized. Only Texas and California, with 114,000 and 111,000 kills respectively, are higher.

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On Thursday, Pender County Animal Shelter was almost at capacity. When this happens, they hold a free adoption day to prevent more animals from being killed.

“I know that sometimes there’s no choice, but there’s a lot of different rescues out there that would be more than willing. I think we need more rescues or more people with in-home rescues,” said Jennifer Grier, who was at the shelter with her son to adopt a dog.

Pender County Animal Shelter attendant Tabbatha Boyett says the shelter does work with several rescues to try and get animals adopted.

“We actually had a lady here that’s working with a rescue, and she ended up taking, I think three or four hounds,” Boyett said.

Boyett says the free adoption days can be very effective, and nobody is turned away.

“It helps to get the animals out of here if there’s no cost to adopt,” Boyett said. “They’re already spayed neutered, vaccinated, so all somebody has to do is come and pick them up and take them home and give them a good home.”

As helpful as days like these can be, Boyett says to make sure you’re getting the right pet for your lifestyle before you adopt, so it doesn’t end up back in a shelter. She also says it’s extremely important to spay and neuter your pets.

“That would help so much, because we get all kinds of cute, fluffy kittens that you think somebody would want, but there’s so many that… spay and neuter your animals,” Boyett said.

The shelter says the free adoption day was so successful, they didn’t even have time to stop and count the number of pets adopted.