U.S. Coast Guard trains local agencies on safety procedures

U.S. Coast Guard boat patrols waters in Oak Island. (Photo: Lakeeda Johnson/ WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Police Department and New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office are training this week to help the U.S. Coast Guard in our area.

The goal of this training is to help with security for certain significant boats coming to the Port City.

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Petty Officer Michael Roberts said local training helps the guards get more familiar with other law enforcement agencies. That way, when something happens, it’s easier to respond to any problems.

Roberts told WWAY the Coast Guard can use the help of local law enforcement during search and rescues, and port security in large areas.

“Something happening in the river would be a very big blow to our area,” Roberts said. “So it’s really important to the locals that we keep these waterways open, we keep the Cape Fear river open, and that we’re ready to respond in case something does happen, just to keep everyone safe.”

Some of the training they learned includes escorting large boats, maritime safety and security, and protecting ferries.