Baby copperhead snakes will emerge soon in NC

Copperhead snake (Photo: WSOC)

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Experts said August is hatching time for the venomous snakes, and this year’s hotter-than-normal temperatures means the babies will be emerging even earlier.

Copperheads are ovoviviparous–meaning their babies hatch from eggs that incubate inside the mother’s body. The babies are then born live.

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Copperheads often live in suburban areas because humans leave food laying about.

Snake catcher Telena Chavis explained the best way to stay snake bite free.

“Before you let your kids out, before you go out, put your boots on, walk around. They’re not shy snakes; they’re hard to see because they camouflage so well. They disappear on pine straw and a lot of stuff we have on the ground, so the best thing to do is just look,” Chavis said.

Experts said venom from copperheads is not lethal to humans. However, you need to go to the hospital if you suspect you’ve been bitten.

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