Wilmington City Council approves updated noise ordinance, questions linger


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Council approved an updated noise ordinance, and a lot of people still have questions.

The sound levels don’t change and permits are still required, but only for activity expected to exceed sound levels.

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Now, there is an appeals process.

People are wondering how exactly the noise is going to be measured, plus how it’s going to be enforced.

One resident says the ordinance is not very clear as it is right now.

“I’m not anti-ordinances,’ Mark Mueller said “I understand that they need to be written up. But there needs to be more clarity and there needs to be accountability for when someone comes and writes a fine. So as long as it’s very clear in the ordinance exactly how it’s measured, when it was measured then that’s fine.”

As of right now, the changes go into effect October 1.