New turf part of major renovations at North Brunswick High School


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY)– The brand new Scorpions Stadium at North Brunswick High School is finished and hosting its first game on Friday, but earlier this week we got a special tour as they added the final touches.

When the Scorpions take this field Friday night, they’ll be stepping into history as the first team to play in the new multi-million dollar stadium.

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“For a long time we were a 3A school playing with 1A facilities,” North Brunswick Athletic Director Randy Fennell said.

But that’s all about to change. Three years ago, county residents voted to fund educational and athletic improvements. This year the school board allocated money for the new multi-sport field. A few months ago, work finally began to construct this state-of-the-art athletic facility; complete with cutting-edge turf designed to keep players safer.

“The turf itself is great because they’ve added a layer of padding that will protect against concussion,” Fennell said. “There’s a meter they can use to diagnose how hard the surface is and so they’ll periodically do that so we know we are playing on the best surface possible.”

The new drainage system scores big with players and fans who were tired of rain delays.

“If it comes a torrential storm and you see water puddling up on in,after it stops raining, in five minutes you won’t see any water,” Fennell said.

Fans won’t see long lines at the bathrooms or the concession stand, either. The field house underwent final inspections this week, and everything is fine-tuned down to the temperature of the coolers.

Soon the hot dogs will be steaming, the popcorn will be popping, the locker rooms will be full of noisy boys and sports equipment, and the players will be giving fans what they came for: some great high school football in a brand new venue.

Coaches say the team has been working hard, and they’re thrilled to be playing in the new facility.

“I’m excited for our kids and I’m excited for our coaches and I think everything we’re doing from this point on is really gonna be first class,” North Brunswick Head Football Coach Bryan Davis said.

“Me and my assistant [athletic director] are so excited that we are never gonna have to paint a football field again, never have to weed eat or edge or cut a football, soccer or lacrosse field again,said Fennell. “It’s amazing to think about that.”

Fennell says all three Brunswick County High Schools will be playing on new turf this season with the construction still in progress at West and South Brunswick.