Family evacuates to North Brunswick High School, worried about storm surge

Families arrive at the shelter at North Brunswick High School in Sept. 2019 ahead of Hurricane Dorian. (Photo: Kylie Jones/WWAY)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —¬†Families have started making their way to shelters in Brunswick County. Three locations are now open at North, South, and West Brunswick High Schools. All three shelters are pet friendly.

As of midday, there were a total of 40 evacuees between them.

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A volunteer says each location has 100 cots, and they are monitoring whether they will need to bring in more.

Anthony Brown and his family of seven came to North Brunswick High from their mobile home down the street in Leland. He says they also evacuated during Hurricane Florence.

“You’ve got to think about your family,” Brown said. “With trees, category 2 hurricane winds are going to knock trees over and we’ve got a lot of them, especially around here. People have died from staying in their trailers and trees coming down, so it’s always safety first.”

Brown is also worried about the storm surge. He urges all of his neighbors to do the same, and evacuate before it’s too late.