911 call released in case of NC woman charged with malicious castration

Victoria Frabutt (Photo: Keith Jones)

A North Carolina woman jailed after investigators say she severed her husband’s penis made her first court appearance on Wednesday.

Carteret County deputies say James Frabutt told them that his wife, Victoria Frabutt, tied him up, pulled out a knife and cut off his penis.

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Deputies were able to recover the body part and it was immediately put on ice and taken along with the 61-year-old victim to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. His condition and whether the appendage could be reattached is unknown.

Frabutt is charged with malicious castration and kidnapping and is being held in the Carteret County Jail.

In court, Judge Dave McFayden read Victoria Frabutt the charges she faces and also explained the punishment she could face if convicted.

Also on Wednesday, WWAY’s ABC affiliate WCTI obtained the audio from the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office of the more than 13-minute 911 call made after the incident, which appears to show that Victoria Frabutt injured her husband with a landscaping tool.

At the outset of the call the woman on the phone, who never provides her name, tells dispatch that someone at the home needs spiritual assistance before confirming that, “There is physical pain.” She struggles to provide her phone number before the dispatcher asks for her name.

“Well, actually, well, I was told I was the sword and the light but that’s not working out so good.”

The woman was asked what caused the victim’s physical pain?

“Well,” the caller said, “That would be part of the message for sinning against God and fornication.”

When asked if he was conscious and breathing she said, “He’s just dandy.” The dispatcher asked if any weapons were involved, “Anything that could harm somebody else, like a club, an ax, knives a firearm, chemicals”

“A clipper,” which she described as good for pruning roses.

The caller also said there was some blood.

“Well, he is bleeding but not enough to make the sign of the cross or write sinner or anything like that.”

And when asked where he was bleeding from, she responded:

“That would be his favorite part of himself.”

Police arrived at the home around 12 minutes after the 911 call.

“There’s a thing in there that needs your assistance. I don’t know whereabouts it is, it could be anywhere.”

Victoria Frabutt’s bond was increased to $500,000 and, if released, she cannot go near the home where the incident occurred.

Her next court date is scheduled for September 20.