Authorities investigating after toddler allegedly given alcohol in Snapchat video


PAYNE COUNTY, OK (KFOR) — Authorities in Oklahoma are investigating after a Snapchat video appeared to show a woman giving alcohol to a child.

According to KFOR, the video shows a child bringing what appears to be a bottle of liquor to his mother. The woman then appears to give the child two shots of alcohol from the cap.

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“I can tell you that DHS, this department, and the district attorney’s office are working together,” Payne County Sheriff Kevin Woodward said.

The woman in the video, who did not wish to be publicly identified, told KFOR that the Department of Human Services took her son after the video surfaced. She maintains she did not actually pour anything into the cap.

“Never been without him a day in his life,” the woman said. “Yes, it was bad judgement on my part to even act like I gave him alcohol, but I swear there was none in the cap.”

She had initially defended herself in a Facebook post, writing: “I didn’t know I was being videoed but even so what’s the difference in giving ur child cough syrup, or rinsing their pacifier off with the beer ur drinking??”

The Payne County Sheriff’s Office is working to determine if charges will be filed.