Carolina Beach business owners: Business this season was good, not the best


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — As the summer season winds down, businesses at the beach are winding down too.

Some business owners in Carolina Beach say business was good but not great this year.

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“It was alright,” Island Ice Factory Manager Heather Canterbury said. “It was steady. Not as much as I’ve seen in the past years.”

It’s a trend another business owner saw too.

“This has been a good year,” Squigley’s Owner Ann Coen said. “I wouldn’t say it’s been the best year we’ve ever had, but it’s been a good year.”

Coen says the effects of Hurricane Florence are still lingering.

“People told me that it would take three years after a hurricane to come back and I laughed,” Coen said.

But that’s exactly what the owner of Squigley’s found out.

“From Florence, we lost four ocean front motels,” Coen said. “We lost a lot of condos on the North End, and that has a big effect on the number of people that are staying here.”

Coen says Squigley’s relies on business from tourists, and she did not see quite as many this year.

But Canterbury says Island Ice Factory had the opposite problem.

“I think the hurricane affected a lot of local people and in-state people,” Canterbury said. “The travelers not so much, but the people that come from in-state.”

Canterbury says her shop does a lot of their business with the locals. She thinks a lot of people are still rebuilding their homes or not living on the island.

Coen says they will bounce back.

“People think there’s damage,” Coen said. “People think there are not places to stay, so they go to other places. But we’ll come back. We’ll get stronger.”

Coen and Canterbury are both optimistic though.

Both of their shops stay open through the fall, and they still expect to do a lot of business over the next few months.