NC christmas tree growers are dealing with a lack of rain

Boyd Christmas Tree Farm manager Darren Nicholson said they planted their trees earlier in the year to catch spring showers. However, with the recent dry weather, other farms have been impacted. (Photo: WLOS)

Agricultural experts said the recent dry weather could impact Christmas tree farms in North Carolina, the number two state in the country for harvesting Christmas trees.

It’s a $250 million business for the state, but it comes with a lot of risk.

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“Christmas trees are very finicky,” said Darren Nicholson, manager of Boyd Christmas Tree Farm.

Nicholson said this year their planning has paid off.

“Going to tag about 3,500 trees,” Nicholson said.

Other farms have been impacted. News 13 spoke with another Haywood County grower who said the lack of rain has affected irrigation to small trees, and, if it continues, it will affect more.

“The drought will have some short-term impacts, but growers have means of catching up a little bit with their inventory,” said Jeff Owen, an area extension specialist for the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources.

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