NC Democratic leader revives budget override vote complaints

Rep. Darren Jackson (Photo: NC General Assembly)

RALEIGH, NC (AP/WWAY) — The Democratic leader in the North Carolina House says it’s plainly clear Republican counterparts have misled him and the public on how an unexpected override vote on Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget bill veto came about.

House Minority Leader Darren Jackson told reporters on Monday he’s so convinced Speaker Tim Moore’s top lieutenant told him no votes would be taken the morning of Sept. 11 that he’s taken a lie detector test. Jackson called on Moore, Rules Chairman David Lewis and two others to do the same and offered to pay for the tests.

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Moore responded with his own news conference later Monday, calling the test dare a “sideshow” and “silly games.”

Most House Republicans but only about 15 Democrats were in the chamber that morning when the override vote occurred.

North Carolina Republican Party Communications Director Jeff Hauser released the following statement in response to the press conference by House Minority Leader Rep. Darren Jackson.

“The press conference held by Rep. Jackson is nothing more than a stunt to deflect attention from his office’s failure to adequately inform his members of the House rules and State Constitution. They could have walked out at any point during discussion on the budget to ensure a quorum was not present, yet House Democrats chose to posture on the House floor for their 15 minutes of fame.”