Swarm of dragonflies spotted on radar over eastern NC

Swarm of dragonflies spotted on radar over eastern NC (Photo: WCTI)

Radars across the east coast recently spotted a large mass in the area, but it was not a storm.

According to the National Weather Service, weather radars have shown swarms of dragonflies around Greenville.

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David Chalcraft, a biology professor at East Carolina University, says there are several reasons this many dragonflies could be in one area, including hurricanes.

“There are some classic stories of dragonflies crossing continents following storm clouds in order to find suitable habitat to breed in,” he explains. “It would not surprise me if they’re following along hurricanes and following all the water that’s being deposited by them.”

Chalcraft says he is not sure if Hurricane Dorian had enough rainfall for the dragonflies to stay in the area. He says another explanation for the invasion could be fall migration.