Giant labyrinth on Topsail Beach brings healing, joy to dozens


PENDER COUNTY (WWAY) — Many people go to the beach for several reasons, but sand artist Jeffrey Walsh gave people a new one.

He made a huge labyrinth under the Jolly Roger Pier on Topsail Beach. For Walsh, the beach is a canvas.

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“Mentally this allows me to not even have any worry in the world,” he said.

Walsh says he started off doing sand art, but felt a disconnect between his art and people’s understanding of it.

“Now I found out how to do these labyrinths, and it allows people that actually pass by to have smiles and enjoy my art interactively,” Walsh said.

Walsh says he learned from a man in Oregon about everything it takes to make one of these.

He says a labyrinth is an ancient symbol representing wholeness. It’s a journey or path full of straight ways and turns that leads people to a destiny.

Walsh says it works best when people clear their minds.

“It’s like a maze, but there’s no wrong turns. You can turn off your mind. It’s a practice where you walk a path. That’s all you’ve got to focus on,” Walsh said.

Bree Kalb says she saw Walsh’s work on Facebook and decided to stop by. Kalb says she’s walked a labyrinth before, but never one like this.

“It’s so cool because there’s all types of different people here. There’s kids racing and there’s families walking through and it just seems like its whatever you want it to be,” he said.

Walsh says he wants nothing more than for people to be happy and find their inner peace.

“You’re here for a purpose. You found this for a reason. If it puts a smile on your face, my job is done,” Walsh said.

Walsh said he plans to do another one on Friday night around sunset in Oak Island near the Yaupon Fishing Pier. He said he is planning on a 6:30 p.m. walk.