Animal shelter brings in massage therapist for dogs

Craven-Pamlico Animal Services brings in massage therapist for dogs (Photo: WCTI)

Living in an animal shelter can be a stressful experience, so staff at Craven-Pamlico Animal Services have brought in someone to help animals relax.

Rhonda Tennant is a canine massage therapist who treats dogs at the facility.

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The 30-minute sessions include soothing music, treats, various massage techniques and dog-friendly oils.

Tennant says the therapy can help the dogs relax, making them calmer when they are moved to their forever homes.

“It’s hard for them to relax, so I’m trying to bring that to these babies here,” she explains. “Just compassion and love that they would experience in their new home.”

Tennant says she will open a mobile business next month. Healing Paws will travel throughout the community and give massages to dogs.