Viral homeless subway singer offered major recording contract


(ABC News) — The mystery homeless woman who captivated the country with her singing voice in a Los Angeles subway station is now on her way to a record deal with a Grammy-nominated producer.

“I actually wrote a deal memo to her and I don’t even know her,” Joel Diamond, CEO and president of Silver Blue Records, told “Good Morning America.” “I’ve never done that my entire life. It’s crazy.”

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Diamond wrote the deal memo for Emily Zamourka, who has been living on the streets of Los Angeles for two years.

She catapulted to public attention after the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted a video filmed by one of their officers of Zamourka singing.

The video quickly went viral and led to Zamourka being identified by name.

Zamourka’s stunning soprano voice not only caught the attention of Diamond, the music producer, but also Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, who sent her a message, saying, “I just wanna say to you, you better continue on.”

“Real things are happening. Real people are talking and it just, it’s awesome,” Zamourka told “GMA.”

Zamourka said her favorite music genre is opera but she also likes gospel and is open to any music style.

The record Diamond wants to produce with her is a combination of classical plus electronic dance music (EDM). He wants to title it “Paradise.”

“I have two tracks ready to go that I’ve been holding,” Diamond said. “I didn’t have an artist, so that’s like the perfect fit.”

Zamourka was reunited late Wednesday night with the Los Angeles police officer whose video of her shot her to stardom. The two embraced in a long hug during their reunion that was captured on video too.

Zamourka said she is “overwhelmed” that her dreams are coming true.

“I achieved something finally that I was longing for … to become a professional singer,” she said. “I am overwhelmed and I am ready to to to be a working artist.”