October marks 25th anniversary of Cape Fear’s upgraded weather radar

WSR-88D radar in Shallotte (Photo: WWAY)

SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — This month marks the 25th anniversary of our current weather radar.

The WSR-88D KLTX radar was installed in Shallotte in October 1994 as a part of the modernization era in the National Weather Service.

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It became operational in July 1995.

It replaced radar observations from the old WSR-57 radar that was at the Wilmington International Airport since 1960.

Weather radar is a type of radar used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, and estimate its type (rain, snow, hail etc.).

KLTX Radar has worked through 4,570 severe weather events/reports, 448 tornado events/reports, 42 tropical systems, and 18 hurricanes.

Notable hurricanes the radar has covered includes Fran, Bertha, Floyd, Isabel, Charley, Ophelia, Irene, Matthew, Florence and Dorian.

The average number of severe weather reports per year is 183 including an average of 18 tornadoes.

In 2006, 547 severe reports were received, many of which happened during two severe weather outbreaks in April.

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