Bladen County Sheriff’s Office opens annex in Kelly

(Photo: Bladen County Sheriff's Office)

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The opening ceremony for the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Annex in Kelly was held Monday afternoon in Kelly.

The annex is located in the old post office, now owned by Centerville Baptist Church.

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“If a citizen has a deer wreck and needs to meet with a State Trooper, instead of driving to Elizabethtown, the Trooper can meet the citizen at the annex,” Sheriff Jim McVicker said. “If one of our deputies needs to meet with a citizen of Kelly, it can be done at the annex instead of the citizen driving to Elizabethtown.”

Sheriff Jim McVicker (Photo: Bladen County Sheriff’s Office)

The vision of having a law enforcement annex in Kelly was an idea of the citizens in Kelly.

“We reached out to Jeff Huff of Centerville Baptist Church and found out that they might be willing to allow us to use the building for a law enforcement annex,” McVicker said. “After hearing back from Jeff that the church was in favor of allowing us to use the building, we began putting together our resources to renovate the building along with Centerville Baptist Church.”

Inmates and staff from the Bladen County Jail and sheriff’s office were used to paint, replace flooring, window casings and clean up around the building.

“We are very fortunate for the law enforcement relationship that we have here in Bladen County and our Troopers look forward to utilizing this facility when in the Kelly area”, said Captain Chris Morton, Troop B Commander of the State Highway Patrol out of Fayetteville.

Approximately 50 people from area law enforcement agencies and citizens of the Kelly area attended the event.