Jamie Lee Curtis gives ringing endorsement to Wilmington non-profit


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington non-profit that gives back to those in need got a shout out on Thursday from none other than the “Scream Queen” herself, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Walking Tall Wilmington was created in 2017 and focuses on the homeless population in downtown Wilmington.

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Founder Randy Evans says they provide the homeless with meals Monday through Friday, access to a community garden and they help them obtain IDs, medications, and other necessities.

While giving out lunch by the river on Thursday, Evans was approached by someone who wanted to know what he was doing.

“I didn’t know at first that it was Jamie Lee Curtis, but her voice is so distinctive that, that’s how I realized what was going on,” Evans said. “And we had a beautiful conversation about what we do on the riverfront, and she was very kind, very compassionate, and it was just a very nice conversation.”

Curtis posted a photo with Evans on her social media, tagging Walking Tall Wilmington and explaining what he does, then asked for donations.

“Please join me and make a donation to his nonprofit,” her post reads in part. “No overhead costs. No bureaucracy. Just one human being, feeding another. Perfect.”

Evans says his phone has been blowing up all day.

Love always wins. I’ve passed this man everyday feeding his neighbors who are homeless. He runs a nonprofit called…

Posted by Jamie Lee Curtis on Thursday, October 10, 2019