Wilmington Central Rotary donates $12,000 to fund WPD’s new horse trailer

Wilmington Central Rotary provides generous donation to fund new 3-horse trailer. (Photo: Monique Robinson/WWAY)

WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Police Department’s mounted unit horses, Elton, Comet and Crescent will be travelling in a brand new 3-horse trailer.

The Wilmington Central Rotary donated $12,000 to the department.

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Mayor Bill Saffo says this donation is one of the largest made to the Wilmington Police Department by one group. The rotary hosted a talent show to raise the money.

“It really shows that the community supports law enforcement,” Deputy Chief Donny Williams said.

Williams says this new trailer is a “game-changer” because during Hurricane Florence the three horses had to be transported to Raleigh via two separate trailers.

“This donation will allow our unit to operate more efficiently and more effectively,” Williams said. “Currently, we have three horses and three riders. Prior to receiving this unit, we only had a two horse trailer so that creates a logistical issue, if you want to move all three horses at one time.”

The 15-foot trailer includes 3 stalls with separate barn doors and a carpeted dressing room with saddle racks and bridle hooks, according to the department’s press release.

Williams says these horses serve an important role in the department.

“The benefit to the horse is it gives the officer an observation point that they will not have a patrol car or they will not have walking around,” Williams said. “During downtown bar hours, the horses allow us to control the crowds a lot better… If we have a situation where we need to move a crowd, it’s a lot easier to do it with a 1,200 pound animal than a 200 pound police officer.”