Vivian Howard helps out chef after Hurricane Dorian

Photo credit: WCTI

Vivian Howard, renowned chef and star of PBS’s “A Chef’s Life”, has been cooking in Kinston for about 14 years. She owns restaurant The Chef and the Farmer, as well as other restaurants in the area. She’s currently veering away from her usual food creations to create a different kind of project: a T-Shirt. She’s selling those T-shirts– with the slogan “One Island Under Tacos” printed on it– to benefit Eduardo Chavez, owner of the Eduardo’s at Ocracoke taco truck on Ocracoke Island.

Eduardo’s taco truck was severely damaged during Hurricane Dorian.

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“Those of us in Eastern North Carolina were really spared by Dorian, but Ocracoke the worst of it, ” Howard says. “Places that had never flooded and Eduardo lost his taco shop.”

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