Ashley teacher named NHCS Educator of The Year


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY)– Ashley High School is home to more than just great sports, there are tremendous teachers there as well. One of them is the current New Hanover County “Educator of The Year” and he has a special tie to the school.

When Timothy Jarman gets to school each day, he drives home the point that living authentically can pay off.

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Mr. Jarman has been teaching for nine years, but has been at Ashley for 14 years. He was part of the first graduating class here to attend all four years. This week, his freshman English class is studying Greek mythology, creating original artwork, which is part of Jarman’s hands-on approach to igniting a love of learning .

“I also as a teacher try to structure my classroom based off of four core values, empathy, honesty, inquiry, and effort. Throughout my nine years, every year I’ve gotten better, and more comfortable with embodying my philosophy,” Jarman said.

Mr. Jarman sees beauty everywhere, and his students are his personal art projects. No one embodies that more than senior Lorelei Sykes. She speaks the way he teaches, which is artfully with purpose and intention.

“The environment in his classroom is just so different from any other class I’ve been in. It’s so welcome and warm, anybody’s opinion and perspective is welcome and valued. Through that we just reach these academic heights that I didn’t know I could reach in high school,” Sykes said.

Whatever he’s doing, it’s striking a chord with students and fellow teachers, who appreciate how real he is.

“It’s so funny, the first time I met Mr. Jarman, we were skateboarding together in a warehouse downtown,” Sykes said.

The educator of the year skates away with a thousand dollars to use for instructional purposes and more!

“I haven’t quite figured out what i’m going to do with that money yet. I obviously have that Toyota Prius through our lovely partnership with Hendrick Toyota, but I also get to attend a national conference,” Jarman said.

That conference will help him pursue an area of professional interest on his journey to becoming a better teacher, each year.

Besides being a skateboarding teacher, Mr. Jarman is also a surfer, and a new dad. He and his wife have an infant son who was born just a few months before he was named “Educator of The Year.”