Firemen train to respond to airport emergencies


BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — Some Cape Fear firefighters are in the middle of specialized training this week to make sure they can respond to even the most rare emergency.

Flying is one the safest ways to travel, but someone has to worry about a worst-case-scenario.

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That’s what these firefighters are doing this week at the Cape Fear Regional Jetport in Brunswick County.

“We are the jack of all trades,” Peacock said. To be that certified Firefighter Mo Peacock has to train for the unexpected.

“You have to be prepared for any type of emergency scenario,” Peacock said.

When they pass these tests they’ll be certified in everything from aircraft rescue to fuel spill fires.

Emergency Services Trainer, Josh Kerlin says this training is as important as it is unique.

“It’s something entirely different. You have different components. Electrical systems, safety measures,” Kerlin said.

It has to be hands on.

“We teach fire fighters where to cut a car to not trigger an airbag. It’s important that the students learn this class what areas not to cut to trigger safety systems of fire suppression system on an aircrafts,” Kerlin said.

We’re told trainees will end all this hands on training with a written test before they’re certified.