Concerned protesters take action against PFAS


FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — People from all over the Cape Fear region and the world voiced their concerns as they protested against water pollution at the Chemours plant.

People are frustrated. Water is one substance we cannot afford to live without.

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It is an essential, but some asked how do we move forward with fear over the chemical company’s history of dumping their wastes into our rivers?

Well, that’s what protesters are trying to change.

They joined together outside the of the Chemours plant in Fayetteville, North Carolina to raise concerns about the company and its method of releasing PFAS chemicals like GenX into the Cape Fear River.

Mexico and Italy protesters also joined Cape Fear residents through a Skype call from their Chemours locations to stand together in the fight against PFAS.

This is also the first time the Native American group, “Tuscora Cape Fear Tribe” joined in the active protest. Jane Jacobs is a member who has some fears.

“It’s causing thyroid issues, cancer, multiple issues with people, as well as animals. Anything that drinks from the river is now poisoned,” Jacobs expressed.

The state fined Chemours $13 million, forcing them to reduce their chemical emissions.

Protester Peter Rawitsch recently moved from New York to Wilmington only to find out this shocking news. Rawitsch says he’s pushing for change.

“The people of my generation. We need to be just as involved. And fix what we messed up over 50 years ago,” Rawitsch said.

He says younger generations should not have to experience water pollution.

Environmental Activist Hanna Reeves says she refuses to lose hope.

“I want to make sure that this environment is sustainable for future generations,” Reeves said.

We reached out to Chemours Fayetteville Works Plant Manager Brian Long stated:

“In just 24 months we have been able to capture all process water, achieve these dramatic reductions in air emissions and provide clean drinking water to several hundred homes throughout the area. I don’t know of any other company that has accomplished so much so quickly. Frankly I can’t even think of another company that has tried,” Long said.

The spokesperson also says the company will soon control 99% of air emissions when the facility is completed at the end of the year.