‘If we don’t come out and vote, things will get worse’ : NAACP leads Souls to the Polls


NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — Weekdays can be pretty busy for many people, including Saturdays.

That’s why, The New Hanover County NAACP chose to lead people to the voting polls through their Souls to Polls movement at the New Hanover County Government Center in Wilmington.

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The New Hanover County NAACP and other groups are encouraging people to go vote.

NAACP President Deborah Maxwell says, “If we don’t come out and vote, things will get worse instead of better.”

Maxwell says the civil rights organization and other groups realized the convenience this day provided to people of color.

“The history of it is that we, we not only NAACP and other organizations pushed for ‘Souls to Polls’ as a day for people of color to leave church, come on out and vote, and go back to a program or something like that,” Maxwell added. “We found out that this was a day that people will come out.”

She says this day isn’t limited to the black community.

“It’s for everyone who can vote, but it started out as encouraging African-American voters on Sundays,” Maxwell stated.

The movement highlights the only Sunday in this election cycle that New Hanover County polls are open. Voter, deAndre Corniffe says it has never been a choice for him to exercise his voting rights.

“You know you have to do your civic duty. People have died for my right to vote,” Corniffe expressed.

This year, voters are not required to have an ID, but that won’t be the case next year. Maxwell says the new Voters ID law could become a challenge.

“Right now, it is projected to disproportionably impact younger people, people of color and marginalize people, which makes it harder for them to vote,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell also says, it’s important for people practice their basic rights and privileges to vote. Early voting ends Friday, November 1st.