Girl donates items to foster kids in Bahamas


CAROLINA BEACH (WWAY) — People in the Bahamas are still recovering from the damage Hurricane Dorian caused.

With the help of family, an 8-year-old girl has spent the past month collecting boxes of items to deliver to a children’s’ home.

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With the assistance of our community, she is now able to help foster kids thousands of miles away.

Blaen Welborn says she’s taken family vacations to the Bahamas before, but this trip was different.

After Hurricane Dorian wiped out thousands of homes, her desire to visit changed.

“I like helping others, and got a really bad hurricane, so I just really wanted to help them.”

Welborn says a family friend who lives in Freeport told her about the damaged children’s home.

“During Hurricane Dorian, they had to get an airplane or a helicopter to evacuate the kids in the middle of the hurricane that was, it was raining and storming in the middle of the hurricane to Nassa,” Welborn said.

We’re told with help from the community, she’s packaged 96 boxes of items.

“We donated toothbrushes, toothpaste, blankets, diapers, tissues, lots of stuff like pillows towels, shoes, clothes, lots of stuff,” Welborn stated.

She wanted to be sure the donations actually made it to the home, so she and her family made a trip to Florida to drop off the boxes to a shipping company.

Those boxes are now being sent to the Grand Bahama Children’s Home.

It is not too late to help this home. Click here for more details.