Pringles to release ‘turducken’ flavored chips

Pringles coming out with 'Thanksgiving' flavored chips. (Photo: Pringles)

NORTH CAROLINA (CNN) — You don’t have to spend hours basting and baking to get the taste of Thanksgiving.

Pringles is releasing a turkey-flavored version of its popular chip.

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It’s part of what it’s calling the “Friendsgiving Turducken Kit,” which will also include duck and chicken-flavored chips, as well as cranberry sauce, stuffing and pumpkin pie flavors.

The three meat flavors can be stacked together for a “Turducken” chip medley.

You can find the Thanksgiving chips online when they go on sale Thursday, Nov. 7 at the Kellogg’s store website.

For just $15.99, you can taste for yourself whether the chips are an offense to Thanksgiving or Pringles is just ahead of its time.