Students have strong family ties to Hoggard High School


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — John T. Hoggard left his mark on Wilmington many years ago. Now, his legacies walking the halls of the high school holding his namesake.

“It’s kind of cool having someone so monumental in the building of Wilmington,” Wiio Meinheit said.

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Otto and Wiio Meinheit are students at Hoggard high school. Otto is a freshman who has hopes of playing on the golf team. Wiio is a junior who plays volleyball and is the president of the National Art Honor Society.

Wiio’s art has won a national award with the Scholastic Art Awards.

The two are proud to do what they love at a place that holds special meaning for their family.

“It’s kind of cool that i can go to my great-great grandfather’s school and represent what i can do,” Wiio said.

Dr. John T. Hoggard served alongside Col. Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish-American War. His legacy in Wilmington began when he left the war, earning his degree and going on to practice medicine in the city for 20 years.

Hoggard High School was named after him because of the 18 years he served on New Hanover County’s school board.

He played a pivotal role in acquiring the land UNCW now sits on. He is also credited in helping desegregate the university.

Although they are big shoes to fill, Otto says he hopes to live up to his grandfather’s name.

“It was kind of cool to realize it was my family that did that and just have to live up to that,” Otto said.

Hoggard’s efforts in the community have inspired many to go above and beyond, especially his grandchildren.

“Just push myself in learning and education,” Wiio said. “And go as far as I can go.”

The Meinheits want to represent their grandfather through their individual talents and serving their community.