Junior ROTC cadets flag fallen veterans graves

Junior ROTC students honor fallen veterans at graves on November 9, 2019 (Photo By: Lakeeda Johnson / WWAY)

WILMINGTON (WWAY) — It’s been all about our veterans, both alive and those who have fallen.

Laney High School Junior ROTC Cadets honored fallen veterans by placing flags on their graves at Oakdale cemetery and other private sights in the Wilmington area.

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Laney High School Junior ROTC students voluntarily came out to place flags on graves.

Students has been honoring veterans to this extent for 10 years now, through the Laney High School Reserve Officers’ Training Program.

Flags will stay on the graves for up to six months through the memorial weekend.

Students say they wanted to honor those who’ve fought for this country.

“To me, it feels like being there for somebody who’s family couldn’t be there,” Malik Frazier said.

“This may be the only time where they get visited, and I think that it’s really amazing that we have this great opportunity to honor them every year,”  Yunju Nam stated.

Cadets also set flags in the Pine Forest and Bellview cemeteries.