‘Suspicious’ white van raises concerns in Wilmington community


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are searching for a white van after a viral Facebook post, garnering over 34,000 shares, raised concerns that it could be targeting children.

Wilmington Police say they are now on the lookout for the van, but that there have been no confirmed attempted or successful kidnappings.

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Shamaine Mack was the first to post about the van last Thursday after she saw it driving around the Houston Moore community.

Mack says butterfly stickers in the window gave her a bad feeling, and she just wanted people to be on alert.

“I was sitting on the porch and I noticed it rolled by and it came back around three more times,” Mack said. “And I happened to look up, and he was driving slow. So then, I was like, ‘Somethings not right about this van.'”

Mack took to Facebook to warn other parents to keep an eye out. Soon after that, her cousin saw the van in the nearby Food Lion parking lot.

“She hit me up on Facebook and she was like, “Is this the van?’ And, I was like, ‘Yes,'” Mack said. “And I told her to get the tag number, she got the tag number.”

Mack’s cousin took pictures, which were then shared by another person, Vanessa Tart. Tart’s post has more than 34,000 shares and counting.

“I’m glad that people were being alert,” Mack said.

Wilmington Police say they are still searching for the van. In a Facebook comment, a department representative said they are trying to combat misinformation.

Mack says Houston Moore is having a community meeting tomorrow, November 12 at 5 p.m. with Wilmington Police and newly elected Wilmington City Councilman Kevin Spears to discuss safety concerns.

We have reached out to Wilmington Police for more information into the investigation. We are still waiting to hear back.