Veterans honored for service during ceremony on Battleship NC


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Celebrations for Veterans Day were held across the United States Monday including in the Cape Fear on the USS Battleship North Carolina.

More than 80 veterans, who call Plantation Village home, were escorted onto ship by active duty marines and sailors from Camp Lejeune.

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“I’m very proud to be a veteran,” World War II Veteran Edward Dorsey said.

Veterans from Korea, Vietnam and World War II were honored.

Celebrations included the publication of a new book commemorating 28 World War II veterans who live at Plantation Village, a nonprofit retirement community in Porters Neck.

‘Answering the Call, A Story of Everyday Valor’ was co-authored by brothers Kevin and Michael Maurer. Kevin, a veteran himself at telling war stories, says these stories were different.

“These are special, these are different because they are World War II veteran stories,” Kevin said.

Only 2% of those who served in World War II are still alive today and we are losing more than 300 each day.

Kevin says it was a privilege to be able to tell the stories of these men and women.

“When they trust you enough to tell you their story and give you that story,” Kevin said. “I take great pride in capturing that the best that I can.”

He enjoys sharing stories like Dorsey’s.

Dorsey served as an Airplane Mechanic for the Navy. He spent time in the South Pacific during the second bloodiest battle of World War II.

“I feel that I was a real service to this nation, and that’s what makes me proud,” Dorsey said.

After his time in the military, Dorsey went on to Purdue University to pursue an engineering degree and work for the Department of Defense as a civilian.

“I’ve done something either exciting or interesting all my life,” Dorsey said.

‘Answering the Call, A Story of Everyday Valor’ is available for sale here. Proceeds from book sales will benefit various veterans charities.