North Carolina town votes for gender neutral board name

Center: Lydia Lavelle - Mayor. Board Members from left to right: Barbara Foushee, Damon Seils - Mayor Pro Tem, Randee Haven-O'Donnell, Jacquelyn Gist, Sammy Slade, Bethany Chaney (Photo: Town of Carrboro)

CARRBORO, NC (AP) — A town in North Carolina has decided to do away with its Board of Alderman.

The name not the actual board.

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News outlets report Carrboro’s aldermen decided Tuesday to rename the board “Town Council” in a town-wide effort to be more gender neutral.

Alderwoman Randee Haven-O’Donnell says some members have felt a “pinch” in being called aldermen. Haven-O’Donnell says being gender neutral matters.

Carrboro was governed by a “Board of Commissioners” from 1911 until 1969, when the town switched to a “Board of Aldermen.”

Mayor Lydia Lavelle says it’s the perfect time to switch the name since the town code is being revised to be more gender neutral.

A formal vote for the name will be on Nov. 19. If approved, the change would take effect on Dec. 3.