Kingoff’s celebrates rare gem of a milestone at 100 years

Kingoff's Jewelry (Photo: Ken Blevins)

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline) — Over a century, the Kingoff family says Wilmington has actually changed a whole lot more than their jewelry store.

What started as an immigrant-owned shop has evolved into a three-generation legacy as one of the community’s cornerstone businesses.

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Today, located in Hanover Center at 3501 Oleander Dr., memory cases house some of the shop’s 100-year history, from one of the earliest cash registers to pre-depression era ring boxes. There are photos, jewelry scales, a pencil sharpener and a pocket-sized jewelers guide book to sizing and measurements. A Morning Star advertisement from 1935 promised a triple diamond ring on sale for $19.17. It also advertised a waffle maker, as the jewelry shop used to sell fine gifts, china, crystal and small appliances brides would register for before their wedding date.

“Engagement rings are still the biggest seller,” said Michael Kingoff, the third Kingoff to run the store.

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