Local advocate joins PFAS discussion on Capitol Hill


BRUNSWICK COUNTY,NC (WWAY) — Tuesday morning, conversations about Gen-X and PFAS happened on Capitol Hill with Clean Cape Fear co-founder Emily Donovan joining the discussion.

The conversation spotlighted contaminated communities like ours just days before the early premiere of the movie “Dark Waters.”

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The film inspired by true events dives into the contamination of Parkersburg, West Virginia by PFAS known as C8. Lawyer Rob Billot gained fame claiming DuPont was exposing its workers to this chemical and Emily Donovan, the co-founder of Clean Cape Fear, says southeastern North Carolina has a similar story.

“They are launching a campaign today called ‘FightForeverChemicals.com,'”Donovan said. “It’s just a place for contaminated communities like ours in the Wilmington/Fayetteville area and any others across the nation to join and work together to come up with a solid solution to address the growing PFAS public health crisis.”

Tuesday morning, Donovan sat down with Billot and Actor Mark Ruffalo, who is playing Billot in the film, on Washington Post Live. She says this campaign is just the start.

“There’s three things that we would like to see people do and that’s ask the senators to add PFAs as a class to our Clean Water Act and to CERCLA, which would unlock Superfunds through the EPA and add PFAs to the class for the toxic release inventory,” Donovan said.

Donovan says, if senators act, it will unlock a lot more things that our state could be doing to address PFAS contamination.

A spokesperson for Chemours released a statement saying in part “we are track to achieve a 99% reduction of air emissions of PFAS by the end of 2019. We don’t know of any other company that has accomplished so much so quickly.”