SC drivers suffer hundreds in damages after being sold gas with water

Person pumping gas into their car (Photo: Public Domain Pictures)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) — Nearly 12 months ago, two South Carolina gas stations were cited for selling bad gas. Those stations were forced to stop selling the gas after test results revealed water, but not before two drivers were stuck with hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

Tina Clarke and Brianna Simmons are strangers with one thing in common – buying gas at the Circle K on 8501 Dorchester Road.

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“The car, like, started slowing down in the middle of the street,” said Simmons. “It was still on but it was like powering out, so I had to like pull over real quick.”

“Well, I was in the car rider line,” Clarke said. “I’m going slowly. I’m hearing a weird noise.”

Both women took their cars in for service. “I thought there was something wrong with my car like maybe the engine or something,” said Simmons. “But never that I pumped water into the fuel pump.”

The Department of Agriculture says it tested gas samples from the Circle K and issued a stop-sale notice after finding a grade of gas was contaminated.

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