Woman ducks just in time to avoid truck ramp smashing through windshield


BOSTON (WCVB/CNN) — A Massachusetts woman blames a CVS trucker for the minor injuries and wrecked car she suffered when a truck ramp flew into her windshield.

Mary Quinlan says the ramp that smashed into her front windshield Tuesday on a Boston highway nearly hit her. The ramp crashed through the center of the windshield, passing between the two front seats and extending into the rear seats of the vehicle.

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“There was glass everywhere, literally everywhere, and glass in my mouth,” she said.

Quinlan was treated and released from a hospital for minor injuries, including cuts to her face and mouth. She blames a CVS trucker for the incident, saying she saw the ramp on the road, causing a hazard, early.

“I was in the slow lane, and a CVS tractor-trailer was about 40 yards ahead of me in the middle lane,” Quinlan said. “The tractor went around, but the trailer clipped it. It started to spin, way up in the air, so I braked. I was watching it, and when it went out of my view, I instinctively ducked to the left. Bam, it came through the right.”

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