Local tree lots are gearing up for Christmas


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Thanksgiving is less than a week away. That means Santa’s sleigh isn’t too far away too! Do you have your Christmas tree yet?

“I like to say they’re kind of like people,” Brad Jordan, the Barr Evergreens Lot Manager, said. “They’re all different. It just kind of depends on what tree you’re looking at. We go any where from say 3 foot tall to to 18 foot tall.”

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Jordan says his lot in Wilmington has trees that have trekked more than 300 miles from the mountains of western North Carolina where this year’s rainfall total was much lower than the coast. He says droughts can impact tree growth.

“It slows it down,” Jordan said. “Between rain, water, and sunlight, everything affects the growth of the tree.”

But, he says this year’s yield is still feeling the impact of the 2008 recession.

“The money was low so there weren’t as many planted,” Jordan said. “Therefore, this year we’re starting to feel the affect of not having as many trees on the market.”

Jordan says it takes about 10 years for these trees to fully grow.

“From a seed to a foot, it takes anywhere from 2 to 3 years to grow up to a foot,” Jordan said. “After you get it to a foot, it takes about foot a year to grow.”

He says the Fraser fir is usually the most sold tree on the lot, each year.

“Right now, we only have Fraser Fur,” Jordan said. “We will have some White Pines, Nordmann fir, concolors and just an assortment of different types of trees that will be coming in on the next shipment; however, our Frazier Fur is our number one seller.”

But, regardless of the tree you purchase, Jordan says everyone needs to practice good habits in tending to the tree to avoid starting a fire.

“Make sure you have a fresh cut on the bottom of the tree so your tree can drink water,” Jordan said. “Next is to keep it full of water and that keeps your tree living longer and it doesn’t get dried out as quick and, therefore, you don’t have a fire.”

Jordan says, if you properly maintain your tree from his lot, they should last well into the new year.