How to keep the pounds off during the holidays


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The holidays can often mean over indulging in holiday treats.  That also means you have to think more about avoiding holiday weight gain.

Shaun Hill of Amplifly Cycle and Strength in Wilmington says “there are plenty of ways to stay on track through the holidays.”

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Hill says there are three main ways to stay on track  First he advises getting involved in group fitness classes.  They are a great way for people to get together with other like minded people to stay focused.  Hill says classes “provide a sense of accountability as well as support.”

Secondly, Hill advises cycling as a great way to get into fitness.  “It is a full body workout,” Hill says.

Lastly, Hill says personal training may be the best way to keep the pounds off for some people.  “It is a great option for people who are afraid of what others may think,” Hill says, “you focus on smart steps and goals.”

For more help you can contact Shaun Hill by clicking here.