Shark knocks 7-year-old Florida boy off his surfboard


(CNN) — Every surfer has wiped out. But how many can say a shark knocked them off their board?

Chandler Moore, 7, of Orlando, Florida, and his family went to New Smyrna Beach on Saturday for some post-Thanksgiving fun. His dad, Shaun Moore, told CNN it was a “picture perfect” day for surfing.

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“It was almost 80 degrees, sunny and the waves were good,” Shaun Moore, 40, said. “The beach was crowded and there were a ton of surfers out.”

The father and son went into the water with their boards. Moore said Chandler has been surfing since he was 4.

They spotted a wave to ride. Moore said he gave Chandler a push on the board. As Chandler stood and steadied himself on the board, he was knocked down by … something.

“I was just surfing and then I saw two fish,” Chandler told CNN. “I thought the thing that hit me was a fish.”

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