Popular Southport restaurant closes after 14 years


BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — After 14 years of unforgettable bonds and memories, the beloved Taylor Cuisine and Café Incorporated will officially close its doors on Thursday.

“We’ve been coming to Karen Taylor’s shop since the very beginning when her mother Virginia was at the cash register, and this a very sad day for us to see her close,” Customer Frank Schulz said. “We’re very upset about it.”

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The heartbreaking news sank in as customers said their final goodbyes to employees.

“We found out yesterday from my son who comes down with his family,” Customer Kathleen Schulz said. “They live in Virginia. He saw it on Facebook, called me yesterday, and my husband he said, ‘Kathleen you’re crazy.'”

Owner Karen Taylor broke the bad news saying her problems started with Hurricane Florence, then a bad AC unit, then Dorian, and detours around the Oak Island bridge work.

It all added up to this tough decision.

“You know to see them come into the doors and sit down and tell me when I could remember when their grandchild was an infant and now is going to college, it’s a lot of years. I’ve made a lot of good friends and, now they’re like family to me,” Taylor expressed.

Taylor says this is not “it” for her. The company’s Facebook page will remain open to the public and people will still be able to taste her food through private catering.