Daycare under fire after infant seen propped up by 3 boppy pillows


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A Leland daycare is under fire after some shocking photos of a baby surface on social media.

They show the child propped dangerously and left alone. Now, one mother is speaking out.

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“If that really was my child or if something happened to that child I could never have lived with myself,” she said. You cannot do stuff like that.”

April Bush was picking up vaccination paperwork on her daughter’s first day at Childcare Network in Leland.

When she got there she asked if her 7-month-old daughter had been sleeping.

“They said, ‘Yeah, actually she had fallen asleep on the floor.’ And I thought that was a little bit odd because she doesn’t normally sleep like that,” Bush said.

While waiting at the front desk she recognized her daughter’s cries from the next room. After about two minutes she went to see what was going on.

“There my daughter is on the floor … just crying by herself,” she said.

At that moment, Bush pulled out her phone and starting recording video so her husband could see.

“She was laying on her back just crying,” Bush said. “I sat her up and that’s when I saw the other child in the boppys.”

Bush snapped another photo to share what she saw — a baby propped up inside three bobby cushions with his head and neck not fully supported.

Bush tracked down down to director of Childcare Network.

“I was like, ‘you realize that child could have died? It could have cut off his wind pipe,'” she said.

Bush removed her daughter from the daycare, emailed corporate, and filed a report with the state. Corporate sent out this letter to parents.

The letter says the child was placed in this position to help with acid reflux. But still, it admits “the good intentions of our teachers resulted in a poor decision that violates our safety policies.”

It also states the workers present that day are currently suspended and must be retrained before returning to their positions.

Following the letter, Bush says she still has concerns.

“It’s childcare 101,” she added. “You cannot have a child like that. It cuts their windpipe.”

WWAY reached out to the family of the baby who was propped up and they said they were not comfortable discussing the matter and they were letting the state handle the investigation.