Family of Horry County transport van victim files new lawsuit

(Photo: WPDE)

FLORENCE, S.C. (WPDE) — The family of one of the two women who drowned while trapped in the back of an Horry County Sheriff’s Office transport van after Hurricane Florence has filed a new lawsuit in federal court.

According to court documents, Linda Green is seeking financial damages from the sheriff’s office, Sheriff Phillip Thompson, Deputy Elizabeth Orlando, and Deputies Steven Flood and Joshua Bishop in the wrongful death of Nicollete Green.

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“[Green’s] drowning would not have occurred but for the deliberate indifference of Defendant Horry County to the safety of the passengers for whose transport the County purchased, maintained and modified the vehicle,” attorneys said. “Defendant Horry County’s modifications deprived Mrs. French of access to an otherwise easily available alternative exit point. Defendant Horry County’s modifications rise above mere negligence as they required affirmative acts to order, install and maintain these modifications.”

Attorneys also claimed the deputies did not have the proper training to remove passengers from the back of the van, nor any policies in place for driving in emergency conditions.

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