Trailer theft is so common in SC because owners don’t have to register them, victim says

(Photo: MGN)

David Johnson works in the Big Block Business Center in Socastee and keeps a utility trailer locked up in the back of the plaza.

He was shocked to see someone steal it on his ring camera.

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“Watching the video,” said Johnson, “it was amazing that within 30 to 60 seconds they had bypassed our security and were taking off with our trailer.”

He continued, “our trailers were locked up, so these guys are professionals, they are, you know, doing whatever they need to do to bypass the security we had on the trailers.”

He’s not alone, either. A police report shows another business in the plaza had their trailer stolen on Dec. 17.

That police report says the suspects took the trailer away in a white Chevy pickup truck, just like the one in Johnson’s video.

Mikayla Moskov is a spokesperson for the Horry County Police Department and says it’s just as common as storage unit theft, or theft from a motor vehicle.

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