Family takes Christmas on the coast to new level


WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — One family opted for more of a non-traditional holiday gathering at Wrightsville Beach Wednesday, taking full advantage of the beautiful weather.

“It turned out to be a beautiful day,” Wilmington resident Melissa Mandell said. “Pajamas and brunch, you know. Christmas on the beach with pajamas.”

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The family is putting a spin on their holiday this year, with a Christmas tree, games and brunch on the beach.

Mandell says this isn’t the only holiday she and her family have spent at Wrightsville Beach.

“We were here for Easter,” she said. “We were here for Thanksgiving.”

Mandell says it was a success both times, so now they’re adding Christmas to the list.

Mandell’s daughter La Tasha Addison says family is a top priority.

“There’s nothing like spending time versus material things, so definitely getting together and spending time together is what a family is all about,” Addison said.

Addison says they would like to make this a tradition.