FDA has new requirements manufacturers


NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — Many New Year’s resolutions include a cleaner diet, working on that summer bod, and taking care of our overall health.

Good nutrition means better health, and starting this year, the FDA is requiring new information on food labels.

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Food can sometimes be a guilty pleasure for many, but could we be eating more calories than we think?

Registered Dietitian Ana Evans says people are eating more these days.

“Over consumption and the lack of portion control is everywhere, and portions are bigger. you super size everything,”

That’s exactly why the FDA has new guidelines for manufacturers.

Not only is the word, “calories” in bold print, but companies are now required to have dual column labeling on containers with 2 or 3 servings.

Evans says the labels are more detailed.

“it has one column that if you eat the actual serving recommended, and the other column shows the calories, the fat, the sodium, cholesterol, carbs, etc., for if you eat the whole pint.”

Evans says these changes are a direct response to the obesity crisis and chronic disease, and she says it’s all about mindset.

“it is an overall lifestyle approach, so you have to look at reading your food labels, increasing your movement, drinking more water, eating more vegetables,” Evans said.

But will people actually pay attention to these new changes?

Shopper Charles Nixon says the FDA is a little late on their attempt for health awareness.

“They’ve been eating those brands so long, they’re not going to make a change. They’re going to say, ‘Well it hasn’t hurt me so far, I’m not going to worry about it,'” Nixon said.

Shopper Steven Goff thinks otherwise.

“I mean I occasionally look at the label, especially if I’m buying pork products or mixed things. I want to see how much is in it.”

The new labels are now required on food companies with 10-million dollars or more in yearly sales.

Smaller companies have until January of 2021 to change labels.