Man uses Christmas trees to make canes for veterans


TEXAS (CBS News) — The holiday season has come to an end and families across the U.S. are taking down their decorations and throwing out their trees. But one man in Texas is repurposing the discarded evergreens for a good cause.

Jamie Willis runs Canes for Veterans Central Texas, an organization that creates free walking sticks out of scrap wood for veterans in need. Willis was inspired to start the organization in 2016, when he found himself in need of a sturdy cane, he told CBS News.

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Willis served in the Army for eight years, but was left disabled. He would end up needing to use a cane to get around, but didn’t like the one he received from Veterans Affairs. He decided to reach out to the organization Free Canes for Veterans to ask for a suitable replacement.

Oscar Morris, who runs Free Canes for Veterans had to apologize to Willis because they were all out. However, Morris was able to offer Willis another gift: He taught Willis how to make a cane himself.

After Willis crafted his first cane, Morris encouraged him to make another for someone else in need. This gave Willis an idea. He asked if he could start a Central Texas chapter of Free Canes for Veterans, and Morris said yes.

Willis decided to take the good deed one step further by using recycled Christmas trees to make the canes.

During his first year running Canes for Veterans Central Texas, Willis simply collected discarded trees and wood from his neighborhood. Now, after getting some media attention, Willis has received an influx of donated trees from neighbors, strangers and even big stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

This past holiday season, the organization has amassed 1,500 donated trees and counting, Willis said.

Since 2016, Willis and his team of more than 60 volunteers have made 222 canes for veterans in need. Veterans can request a cane through an online form, and any extra canes are hand-delivered by Willis to the homes of veterans or hospitals housing them.

He’s even started to customize the canes with slogans and designs chosen by the veterans, making each one unique to its recipient.