‘Better to know how, than not’: Are more women carrying guns?


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Are more women getting their concealed carry permits? After another woman allegedly came home and shot a man breaking into her home in Monkey Junction earlier this week, some people are taking their safety more seriously.

“A weapon isn’t for everybody, but in some situations, that’s kind of all you have to really stop whatever is happening,” Christina Fulford, who recently got her concealed carry permit, said. “I’m happy I did it. I feel a lot safer.”

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Fulford says it’s something she has wanted to do for awhile. With three young children, she says she wants to be able to defend her family if something like that ever happened to her.

“It made it real that this happens,” Fulford said. “You just walk in your house and somebody’s there. That’s terrifying.”

Gun expert Mary Anne Peters says she’s seen a rise in women wanted to get their concealed carry permit.

“You hear plenty of times, ‘Oh, my husband will take care of that. my husband does that for me,'” Peters said.

Peters says that’s not the case anymore. She gets women of all ages coming in to take classes. The co-owner of Pro Gun NC says they offer classes especially for women.

“Because a lot of women don’t want to ask silly questions,” Peters said. “They are intimidated just the gun itself.”

Peters thinks it’s important for women to know how to protect themselves in whatever way they choose.

“But I think they need to think about that and take it seriously, like ‘I have to do this for myself,'” Peters said.

Peters says the most important thing is to educate yourself.

“Better to know how, than not,” she said.

Fulford says the knowledge of how to handle certain situations gives her much more peace of mind.

“Do whatever you can to learn, because one of the scariest things is not knowing what to do,” she said.

Fulford says the process to get her permit was fairly simple. She also says it’s important to continue to practice and learn about gun safety even after getting your permit.