Warm weather invites more people to local beach town


Carolina Beach, NC (WWAY) — In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a very warm January and one local beach town is not complaining.

The higher temperatures are bringing tourists back to Carolina Beach and it’s a win for several small businesses.

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“Weather always governs business, especially on the island,” Katy Weiss, owner of Kate’s Pancake House, said.

Weiss is expecting a crowd at her restaurant on Pleasure Island this weekend with temperatures screaming Spring.

“For our winter season our numbers are up,” Weiss said. “I attribute that to all the building that’s going on and new businesses that are up on the boardwalk.Pleasure Island is booming.”

Jack Messer says more surfers are hitting the waves.

“It’s definitely not as big as summer because its winter, but it’s definitely a bigger crowd than normally,” Messer said.

Messer says, with the right gear, it’s always a good time to surf.

“I surf all year long including in the dead of winter and so in the summer we are in our bathing suits and stuff, but in the winter you’re in full wet suit, gloves, booties,” Messer said.

Surfing Instructor Tony Silvagni agrees. He says, even though the surf has been intermittent, many people are taking advantage of the opportunity.

“Waves are perfect to learn on and I enjoy teaching people in smaller waves because they’re able to learn the skill set a lot faster,” Silvagni said.

But, surfers aren’t the only ones keeping Silvagni busy right now.

“We have the fat tire bikes that have been a bigger hit for us and people have been taking advantage of riding on the beach whenever the tide is a little lower,” Silvagni said.

So, if you find yourself in Carolina Beach this weekend, before you leave, Weiss says you have to stop by for breakfast.

“I am now told that I am the equivalent to Britt’s Donuts and Squigley’s ice cream and Kate’s is now on that list of things to do when you come to the beach,” Weiss said.