Could a growing water supply be coming to Pender County?


PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — You can’t live without water, but is there enough to go around Pender County as new development continues?

Pender County Public Utility Director Kenny Keel says its water supply is great right now, but they did have a shortage last year during a dry summer.

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Keel says it’s not uncommon to have water shortages during the summer, but the county is trying to create a more sustainable water supply.

“Right now, we’re putting in some water supply wells, which will add some immediate capacity to us which will be ready for next summer,” Keel said.

Keel says three new wells should be ready by this summer. He says they will be built near the Pender County Government Annex, at Kiwanis Park and along Transfer Station Road.

But Keel says they hope to find a long-term solution to the county water supply, which could come in the form of a water plant.

“Which would get water from wells, and would treat water through a reverse osmosis process, which would make the water safe to drink, and to give us enough supply to last us through at least 2040,” he said.

Keel says engineers proposed the solution to county commissioners last week. The plant could also go in Hampstead. He says this would be a long-term project with long-term benefits.

“We’re putting a lot of thought into it and making sure that we make good decisions that are going to be effective and work well for everyone for many years to come,” he said.