Water Street public bathroom still closed

"efficiently getting here and getting out is super important now." passenger ben escoe flew more than a hundred skymiles from portland, oregon.... to wilmington international airport. for him ... this is just the first of many more flights to the port city. "we work in fresh blueberries import, export and we are going to be packing our operations here and so we are going to be flying in here pretty often." passengers like escoe play a hand in i-l-m pursuing non-stop flights to other cities. "american airlines announced they will fly one flight a week on saturday mornings between ilm and boston logan airport." airport director julie wilsey says this will be the airport's 9th non-stop flight... "it will be once a week for the summer seasonal from may until august and they're basically testing the market to ilm to see if we can fill the aircraft and grow that market." airport authority chairman donna girardot says once the airport terminal expansion project finishes, the airport should be on route for more growth "now we're moving into phase 3 which is the main terminal itself. when that's completed we'll have more retail. we'll have more restaurant capacity.. and more space for more passengers." more passengers...means more business... to help i-l-m soar into the next decade.

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — To follow up on our story on concerns over the homeless in downtown Wilmington, the city said they would work to fix the public restroom on Water Street by Tuesday.

WWAY checked and it is still closed.

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City Spokesman Dylan Lee says when crews arrived this morning, the problem was bigger than expected.

Lee says there is no game plan on what steps the city will take next, but will release that information once it becomes available.

He says the Market Street parking deck has the nearest public bathroom.